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All-In-One Formatter Tool

All-In-One Formatter Tool

What is All-In-One Formatter Text Tool?

All-In-One Formatter Text Format Tool is an extensive tool that enables you to format text in a multitude of ways. It offers functions like converting text to uppercase or lowercase, capitalizing the initial letter of every word, eliminating redundant spaces, and inserting line breaks. This tool proves invaluable for editing and formatting text for diverse purposes, such as refining content for publication or enhancing readability.

More About All-In-One Formatter Text Tool

  1. Text Case Conversion: Convert text to uppercase, lowercase, or title case (capitalize the first letter of each word).
  2. Trimming: Remove leading and trailing spaces from text.
  3. Line Breaks: Add or remove line breaks in text.
  4. Text Reversal: Reverse the order of characters in text.
  5. Text Sorting: Sort lines of text alphabetically or numerically.
  6. Text Encoding Conversion: Convert text encoding between different formats, such as UTF-8, UTF-16, etc.
  7. HTML Formatting: Convert special characters to HTML entities and vice versa.
  8. Base64 Encoding/Decoding: Encode or decode text to/from Base64 format.
  9. URL Encoding/Decoding: Encode or decode URLs.
  10. Text Statistics: Count the number of characters, words, and lines in text.

This tool can be useful for a variety of tasks, including cleaning up text, preparing content for publication, and converting text between different formats.

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