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Base64 Encode/Decode

Base64 Encode/Decode Tool


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What is Base64 Encode/Decode?

Base64 encoding is a method used to transform binary data, such as images or files, into a text format that's safe for use in text-based protocols like XML or JSON, or in data storage mechanisms requiring text, such as databases.

This encoding process converts binary data into a string of ASCII characters, making it suitable for transmission over protocols that require plain text. Each set of three bytes from the input data is converted into a set of four characters from the Base64 alphabet, which consists of 64 different characters (hence the name). This conversion allows binary data to be represented as a string of printable characters, facilitating its handling in text-based systems.

Base64 decoding, on the other hand, involves converting a Base64 encoded string back into its original binary form. This is particularly useful when extracting the original binary data from a Base64 encoded string.

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