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Adding Product Structured Data to Articles

If you have a small blog selling products or plan to create a similar blog in the near future, you can refer to my post below on how to add Prod…

6 Reasons Why Internal Linking Is Important for Your Website

Internal linking is essential for websites because it helps users navigate more easily, improves their experience, and boosts SEO. Here are six …

A Guide to Implementing Nofollow Links on Your Website

n the realm of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the nofollow attribute holds significant sway over how search engines interpret the links on yo…

How to Make All Webpage Links Open in a New Tab and External Links Always Open in a New Tab

When designing a website, it's often beneficial to control how links behave when users click on them. One common requirement is to make all …

How To Create SEO-Friendly Robots.txt for Blogger and WordPress

Crafting a search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly robots.txt file is crucial for guiding search engine crawlers on how to crawl your website…

How To Remove The Date and HTML From The Blogger Post URL

Are you new to the world of blogging and considering starting your own website? If so, BlogSpot is an excellent platform for beginners. However, to o…
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